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Time for Real West Texas Chili!

Brrrr...Baby, it's cold outside! Nothing warms the heart and soul like a bowl of chili. The real deal~no tomatoes; absolutely no beans! With a pot simmering on the stove, your home will smell FABULOUS, and your dinner guests will be chomping at the bit for the first ladleful! Serve it up as we do, … [Read More...]


A Taste of Germany ~ Red Cabbage with Apples

There's more to Germany than Oktoberfest ~ though that is a wonderful experience! But the beer, wine, and food of Germany are always delightful. One of my very favorite Fall dishes is shredded red cabbage cooked with apples. Yummy! I think of it and my mouth waters. After testing and tweaking, I've … [Read More...]


The Price of Convenience ~ Is it Worth It?

Now really...Exactly how difficult is it to shred lettuce for salad? Enough to pay almost 5 times the price to have it done for you? I decided to go on a quest to analyze the price of convenience. I was in the grocery store and realized I was bombarded in almost every department by convenience … [Read More...]